Cats for Sale in Dauphin, Manitoba

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  1. Pablo is a happy friendly boy who will come up to you for pets and attention. He is very handsome with very cool markings.... see more at
    Pablo ·5 days ago on
  2. Manney is a quiet and sweet girl, she is shy at first but loves her person once she gets to know you. She loves to sunbathe and she is good with other cats and dogs.... see more at
    Manney ·1 week ago on
  3. This girly is very chatty sweet and affectionate. She likes to rub up on your hand and ask for pets. She is very happy and enjoyable. Make room for a black kitty in your heart!... see more at
    Smidge ·1 week ago on
  4. Salt is a friendly girl, loves people and scratches and attention. She likes to roll around with her toys. And likes to cuddle. She has a perma glare which makes her look mad but she isnt! She is chatty and she doesnt have many teeth but still suc...
    Salt ·1 week ago on
  5. Tommy is a big boy, he is friendly and gets along with other kitties. He has a lot of love in him and there is a lot to love. Come meet Tommy to see if he is a fit for you!... see more at
    Tommy ·2 weeks ago on
  6. Minow is the oldest kitty we have at the shelter she is seven years old. She is a big girl loves food and we are working on getting her to a healthy weight. She loves chin scratches and will boop your hand to ask for more. She is laid back and a s...
    Minow ·2 weeks ago on
  7. Maya is a sweet girl, she likes pets and scratches. She is laid back and can be a little shy in new surroundings but warms up to the environment with time. She has the brightest green eyes. She is a very good looking cat!... see more at
    Maya ·2 weeks ago on
  8. This young girl is full of life. Her momma passed away so she was bottle fed from a young age. she is very used to being handled and likes her foster siblings.... see more at
    Jude ·2 weeks ago on
  9. This young girls name is Hope! There was a moment that her life looked hopeless with her mom dead and being stranded at a garbage dump, someone found her. Her litter was very week after a failed attempt at another momma bonding and had to be bottl...
    Hope ·2 weeks ago on
  10. Pepper came in as a momma with little kittens which she took care of very well. She is not super good with people as she came in feral and we are working on it. She would rather run away from things she is scared of than bite so she isn't much of ...
    Pepper ·2 weeks ago on
  11. Linus is a really friendly guy, sweet, happy. Likes to be picked up and petted. He purrs very loudly. He is quite new and needs to gain some weight, as he had a rough go before coming here. He is very affectionate and wants to meet every person co...
    Linus ·2 weeks ago on
  12. Kyle is very friendly but still is getting used to his surroundings. He is a very handsome boy with his bright eyes and his unique pattern.... see more at
    Kyle ·2 weeks ago on
  13. Chi is a sweet little kitten. Her momma passed away and the litter was tossed in the garbage dump. ... see more at
    Chi ·2 weeks ago on
  14. Meet Molly she is a lovely sweet girl. She is a momma she loves people and kids. She loves being pet and has the prettiest green eyes. She would love to curl up in your lap or play with some toys as long as its with you!... see more at
    Molly ·2 weeks ago on
  15. This girl is very independent and sassy. She has a beautiful pattern. She is clean and loves to play. She is very sweet and will come up to you for pets, but if you do it wrong sassy cat comes out.... see more at
    Chloe ·2 weeks ago on